Best places to live in Fort Washington, PA

Moving to Pennsylvania can be a new and exciting experience. The state has so much to offer and is perfectly placed within reach of NYC, New Jersey, and the Atlantic coast. Bordering with large cities and business centers the state is great for commuters and business professionals. It is well connected but also calm and peaceful. That said, one of the towns that attract attention is Fort Washington. As a great place for families, it is important to know the best places to live in Fort Washington.

Fort Washington

Fort Washington is a small-town community in Philadelphia. The town is small with just over 5000 inhabitants and 3 major neighborhoods. At the same time, it is one of the most expensive real estate locations in Pennsylvania. Regardless, Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia and other movers are keeping busy with the influx of people. The town attracts a white-collar population that commutes to bigger cities for work. The inhabitants work in predominantly as business professionals and office workers. New York and New Jersey employ the majority of the Fort Washington population. A fairly large population is Telecommuting and working from home in knowledge-based positions and jobs.

Park with a bridge in the background
Fort Washington has a very pleasant small-town feel with a great education, nature, and parks.

The town is a very pleasant place to live. A well-educated population with a good income shapes the town into its own image. A good schooling system, low crime, and family-oriented communities are the face of the town. There are 3 major neighborhoods. These are the best and probably the most expensive places to live in Fort Washington:

  • Dresher
  • Whitemarsh
  • Town Center

Moving to and settling down in For Washington

As a small suburb of Philadelphia Fort Washington is a great place to live. It offers a suburban laid back feel. This small town is perfect for families that are moving in great numbers. Local movers are keeping busy with this influx of families to the town. If you decide to settle in one of the Fort Washington neighborhoods local moving companies will offer you full service that will help you get to your new home in no time

Fort Washington is great for nature lovers. It boasts itself with nature parks and great opportunities for outdoor activities. For instance, camping, hiking, fishing, and other sporting activities are just some of the activities that the inhabitants like to enjoy. Even the educational programs exploit nature and often take place at a historical site of Highlands Mansion and Gardens.

Arial photo of a small town
The town offers an almost rural feel away from the bustling cities

Living in Fort Washington

The town is not a dynamic place great with great nightlife and entertainment. On the contrary, people tend to enjoy peace and quiet away from bustling cities like NYC. Inhabitants mostly commute for work and tend to enjoy quiet family life in the suburb. Because of this, most people consider the town to be a great family-friendly. In this way, it attracts both professionals and families. 

All of this makes Fort Washington a desirable place to live in. The data shows that the population is rising and the interest in real estate is booming. So, if you plan to move to Philly consider this suburb for a quiet family atmosphere. 

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