Best Pennsylvania Places for Retirees

At times, the best places to retire are the ones with more community ties as opposed to urban, metropolitan locations. When it comes to choosing the best city and state to retire, there is a variety of aspects to take into consideration. Elements such as cost of living, quality of life, or community and neighborhood rankings are important to evaluate. If you happen to be unsure what might make the most sense financially or how to narrow down your moving preferences, throughout the rest of the text we’ll go over some of the best Pennsylvania places for retirees.

Moving as a Retiree

After many years of work and coming into retirement, relocating elsewhere is a good idea. Often, many individuals get ideas such as Florida as the sunny weather and beaches are hard to resist! However, some of the best Pennsylvania places are great for retirees in general.

Pennsylvania landscape
If a good quality of life, affordable cost of living, and beautiful scenery are what you are looking for, then Pennsylvania is the state to move to as a retiree.

There are multiple cities within the state which are nationally rated as the cities to retire in or move to as a retiree. With the many benefits we will further discuss, your Pennsylvania move can become very simple if you contact experienced teams to help you settle in. A new home, a reliable moving team, and lots to look forward to will make your move that much less stressful. 

Best Pennsylvania Places

Here are some of the best Pennsylvania Places for retirees:

  • Delaware County
  • Cambria County
  • Lawrence County
  • Allegheny County
  • Schuylkill County

What makes these counties some of the best places for retirees to relocate to? It begins with the wonderful communities you’ll come across, the beautiful Pennsylvania scenery, and the lovely historic charm from city to city. Many of these places have a small-town feel with plenty of amenities as well. The overall affordable cost of living is another plus!

A lake in Pennsylvania.
The key to simplifying the research process and preparing for a move is to have a moving plan in motion!


Another element that will simplify your move is hiring a team of professional movers. For example, if you choose to move to Delaware County, it would be a good idea to find assistance to settle in easily. With the assistance of a professional local crew, your relocation to a city within the county will be that much smoother. The key is to contact a local moving company early on and set up a moving date that works for you. 

Happy Moving

Finally, the location of your new home comes down to some research and evaluation based on your preferences. Gather valuable information about each county and city when researching some of the best Pennsylvania places for retirees! In addition, visiting these cities prior to making a final decision if possible could help you in the process. Overall, it’s all about knowing what you are looking for and what fits your lifestyle and your budget!

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