Best cities in Saudi Arabia for American families

A lot of American families take on the adventure of moving to another country and starting a new life. This can be for work or simply for pleasure. No matter what your reason for leaving the United States is, considering moving to Saudi Arabia is nothing but a good idea. How come you might ask? Well, living in Saudi Arabia has lots of pros when you are an ex-pat. This is why so many people from America have already moved to Saudi Arabia. And if you would like to be one of them as well, we are here to tell you some things you need to know about the best cities in Saudi Arabia for American families to move to.


The first city to find a place on this list certainly is Jeddah as it has so many reasons for one to move here with a family. Especially if you are coming from America. There already are plenty of Americans living in Jeddah. This means that meeting new people you can connect with is going to be easy. Making friends after moving to another country is very important. It will make you feel more familiar with your surroundings and more welcome as well. Having people to talk to and spend time with is important even when you have a family. And living in Jeddah will make this easy.

There are plenty of places where you can meet new people after moving to Jeddah as there are plenty of things you can do. You have plenty of entertainment options in Jeddah both for adults and children as well as fun for the whole family. For starters, we would suggest getting to know the city better. Take a walk in the evening with your family. See how much it takes you to reach the nearest supermarket, pharmacy, or mall. Knowing this will make adjusting to this new environment much easier as you will not be living in the unknown.

jeddah city.
There are plenty of things to do in this amazing city which is why moving here is a good idea.

You can do plenty of things in Jeddah besides just meeting the city of course. A lot of tourists have started visiting this city over the last few years which certainly influenced the increase of fun things to do in the city. You will love living in Jeddah no matter which part of town you live in. And if you ever decide to move to another neighborhood or city in Saudi Arabia, you can always reach out to a reliable team and get professional moving assistance.


Another one out of a couple of cities in Saudi Arabia for American families is Dammam. You can consider this city to be the commercial hub of Saudi Arabia. This is one of the biggest cities here and it certainly attracts a lot of American families who are moving for business reasons. A lot of businesses have started opening in Dammam. A lot of them are American-owned. This is no coincidence. This is a coastal city which means that import and export are made easier and cheaper. This sets the perfect environment for having a business. And most of the businesses here are very successful. Have in mind that Dammam is a touristic destination as well which contributes to certain business growth. Shipping from Saudi Arabia to the US is not as difficult as one would assume.

Dammam beach.
Dammam has lots of beautiful sights for you to explore with your family.

Another plus of moving to Dammam is the city itself. It is modern and urban but also old and traditional at the same time. There are plenty of historical landmarks to be seen in Dammam which is one of the reasons why tourists come here. Another reason is the weather. Between October and May, you will experience very warm, sunny weather. As this is a coastal town, this certainly means that going to the beach is a possibility during this time of the year.

If looking for the best cities in Saudi Arabia for American families, Dammam certainly is a place to consider moving to. There are lots of great neighborhoods to move to where new apartment buildings have been built over the last years. The pricing of homes is not as big as one would assume it is. And moving to Dammam is easy as pros can simplify the task. Hiring local assistance is the best way to make moving into your new Dammam home easier.

Al Jubail is also one of the best cities in Saudi Arabia for American families 

If you would like to live in a more peaceful city, Al Jubail is the place to move to with Four Winds KSA. People call this city “The city of beautiful beaches” as it truly has some of the most amazing beaches in the whole of Saudi Arabia. This is why it is a popular touristic destination. But a luxurious one for sure. The city of Al Jubail is one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia as a lot of people say. And we agree. It is clean, peaceful, and very modern. What more could you need?

Saudi Arabia Beach.
There are plenty of things making Al Jubail a good place to live in with your family.

There are plenty of things for you to do with your family here as well as in other Saudi Arabia cities. But we believe that from October to March you will most likely be enjoying the endless beauty of the beaches in Al Jubail. That is at least what we would be doing after moving to such a place.

Housing options in Al Jubail are luxurious as well. You can live in a newly built apartment building that has all the amenities you need. This makes life a lot easier. Especially when you have a family. Moving internationally is not easy but if moving to one of the best cities in Saudi Arabia for American families, it certainly is worth the trouble.

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