A short guide to moving from New York to Pennsylvania with kids

Because of its nature, New York can be both physically and emotionally difficult to live in with children. That is why a significant influx of families moving from New York to Pennsylvania with kids is not news. In a search for a calm life, but still with plenty of opportunities, many decide to live and work there. Pennsylvania has many places where you can have more for the same money. In combination with the high standard of life, rich history, and quality education, Pennsylvania is one of a kind place to raise kids.

Moving from New York to Pennsylvania with kids

Because of geographic predispositions and economic importance, it’s commonly known as the Keystone State. With a variety of interesting large and small places and plenty of green space, most kids enjoy growing up here. If you are planning to start a family, or already have kids, this is a great opportunity. Overall, we can distinguish a couple of major advantages of why people choose to move here.

Small town atmosphere

It’s all present in all parts of Pennsylvania. There are many places where you can live in a tight community where residents watch for each other. Stroudsburg towns and Milford are perfect examples of this. Some of the best places to live in Pennsylvania, in general, are:

  • Pittsburgh
  • Philadelphia
  • Lancaster
  • Harrisburg
  • Reading
  • York
  • Allentown

Pennsylvania cost of living

With low-income tax and low cost of living, you have the opportunity to finally enjoy more space. On the contrary to NYC, you can have a spacious house with a large backyard for significantly less money. To make it even better, you can find a budget-friendly transition with usantini.com movers and similar companies. Kids will definitely enjoy their newfound freedom of running around in Pennsylvania.

Proximity to NYC has its benefits

There is also a lot of people who live in Pennsylvania and still work in NYC. But, there are also others who just wish to make a maximum of both worlds. Taking kids to grandparents while you occasionally visit NYC amenities on the weekend seems like a perfect getaway. After your move from the Big Apple goes smoothly, even with kids around, you deserve an occasional break.

It offers an interesting housing market

With an extremely attractive cost of living and cheap housing options, everyone can find a suitable place here. Whether you are maybe a potential buyer or a renter, you will find that prices are 50-70% of NYC values, on average. Even in large cities like Pittsburg and Philadelphia, you can find plenty of affordable housing options. Additional room for your kids – no problem at all.

The view at buildings in Pittsburgh from across the river.
Even in urban cities like Pittsburgh, you can find affordable housing options.

Pennsylvania offers a high-quality of life

Yes, you have many attractive and budget-friendly options in Pennsylvania, but that’s not the only beneficial aspect here. High ranking healthcare, exceptional education, wonderful nature and landscapes, and even beautiful weather are making living in Pennsylvania more than appealing. From K-12 education to several prestigious universities, children have a fine opportunity here. Combine it with plenty of job opportunities, you can easily achieve a bright future in days to come.

Wonderful Pennsylvania nature with rural buildings in the distance.
Winter can be quite snowy, but the rest of the year is just amazing.

Kids will love it

Pennsylvania is home to “the sweetest place in the United States” and everyone knows it. Hershey Chocolate Company in Hershey is definitely a piece of delightful information for the youngest population.

With cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and plenty of other places, you won’t need another relocation. Moving from New York to Pennsylvania with kids will be much easier when you know all the good things you can expect. In fact, there is not any good reason why you shouldn’t consider moving to Pennsylvania.

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