6 reasons why young people are moving from NYC to Philadelphia

Recent statistics show that a lot more people are relocating out of NYC to Philadelphia than the other way around. In the past, this statistic used to be flipped. People from Philly were moving to NYC because of job opportunities and for the experience, and now the trend has completely flipped. Why is that? We hope to answer that for you today. We have put together a list of 6 reasons why young people are moving from NYC to Philadelphia, and we hope you find it helpful. 

1. Cheaper living

In Philadelphia, renting a room in a great neighborhood costs around $500. On top of that, for the same price, you can have a front yard, your own bathroom and good kitchen and even more amenities. What makes it even better is that salaries in Philadelphia aren’t lower than in NYC. This means that you can spend less of your money on rent. Particularly, this attracts a lot of young families and couples looking to start a family. Where a large family might struggle with affording a living space in NYC, it’s quite easy in Philly. Moreover, Philadelphia is also more affordable for small business owners, which drives more young people with ambitions to move there. Which is the better choice for small business owners is still an open debate, but a lot of people seem to think it is Philly.

Black calculator and cash on table
Living in Philadelphia is much cheaper than living in NYC.

2. Work from home

With working from becoming more and more popular, a lot of people are looking to move out of expensive cities. Because the same salary which, in NYC, could only afford you your rent can take you a lot farther in Philadelphia, a lot of people consider it to be a better place to be. On top of that, Philly is a great place to be from remote workers. There are many co-working spaces and coffee shops around the city which makes remote working much more convenient. This means that people who work from home can relax more in Philadelphia. Instead of worrying about their work, they can focus on the rich art scene in Philadelphia, or enjoy the same walks they could have in NYC as Philly is just as walkable.

3. Proximity to NYC

For those who are attached to the bustle of NYC, Philly is a great choice because the two cities are close by. All it takes is a 2 hour drive to reach NYC from Philadelphia, and meet up with all of the friend you left in the city.  On top of that, for those who don’t want to do their own packing and organize a DIY move, NYC moving companies are all available to hire for a move to Philly. Hiring packers to help you out with your move is an excellent choice, and finding experts is a good callThey will have you packed and moved out in no time, and with minimal effort. 

View of city from water
Because it’s close to New York City, experiencing the bustle while in Philly is always easy.

4. Food and beer

For those attached to NYC’s food scene, Philadelphia definitely won’t disappoint. Philly is home to a booming restaurant scene, with plenty diverse cuisines and up-and coming establishments to suit your foodie needs. So, don’t worry, moving from NYC to Philadelphia won’t affect the food that much. Philly even has it’s own Chinatown, full of restaurants to sample from. As for those looking to sample some beer, Philadelphia has a wonderful culture of breweries. There is an entire Craft Beer trail, with plenty of breweries to visit. And, while enjoying the vibrant food scene, people in Philly can also enjoy the music scene of the city. 

5. Work opportunities

Just like NYC, Philadelphia offers a lot of job opportunities. This goes for business owners as well as people looking for work. There are a lot of opportunities in the start up sphere- Attractive to a lot of visionaries and entrepreneurs is the thriving tech scene. Philly is also smaller than NYC, which makes it much easier to market and sell your services, but in a much less competitive business scene. As mentioned, Philly is very safe for entrepreneurs, mostly because of people rushing to take part in the making of a new economic hot spot. Companies dealing in pharmaceuticals, IT or social responsibility seem to be especially thriving. These are only some of the reasons why moving your company to Philadelphia is a great choice. The cities affordability is another factor making it easy to turn a profit.

Man holding book
There are plentiful opportunities for entrepreneurs and people looking for work in Philadelphia.

6. Tradition and history

Experts from simplifystorage.com note that they’ve helped a lot more young people move into Philly recently. Some people are deciding to relocate for the rich traditions and history the city has. The city is home to Every New Year and the Liberty bell. Also, the Philadelphia Mummers hold their parades in Center City. There is an entire museum dedicated to the tradition behind the Mummers, as it’s something which has been going on for over 120 years. There are also annual parades for St. Patrick’s day and Caribbean day. Philadelphia’s people are very proud of their city and it’s history. Only adding to the city’s culture is the people’s love for their sports teams such as the Phillies, the 76ers and the Eagles. Also, the many unique cultural feats of Philly are attractive to the young. Philly cheesesteaks, Water Ice and Wawa to name a few. These are all quintessential to life in Philadelphia.

Moving from NYC to Philadelphia: Is it for you?

A lot of the young consider Philadelphia to be the best choice for moving out of NYC. The laid back, and significantly cheaper, lifestyle of Philly is very attractive to young people today. Philadelphia is a trendy and cool city to be in, while also being a lot more low key. As such, it isn’t very surprising that young people are moving from NYC to Philadelphia. We hope that this list helps you decide if this is the right choice for you.

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