5 reasons why Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida

As we mature in age, we have to start thinking about a retirement plan and where we are going to retire. There are a lot of options and many things to consider. Hence, we here have for you 5 reasons why Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida.

Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida because the move will be easy

The first reason why Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida is that the relocation is relatively easy. The move from Pennsylvania to Florida is a cross-state move. Now you are asking yourself how it is going to be easy since you are not as young and energy-filled as you used to be to tackle an interstate move. This is the moment where your maturity pays off. Any reasonable person will be saving money for their retirement. We recommend dipping into your savings and hiring some reliable movers like those available at bigmansmoving.com.

Not any professional movers but movers that specialize in senior moving are those that you need. To avoid any strenuous activity and protect your health, professional senior movers will handle all the heavy lifting. They will provide all the packing materials and pack your stuff nicely and securely. They will plan out your move, thus relieving you of any unnecessary stress. And they will do it all for a very affordable price. You can forget all about the 17-hour drive, specialized crews can assist, while you take a quick 2-hour plane ride to Florida.

a beach coast
The sun is why Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida

​Retire in Florida because of the beautiful weather

We are not here to knock down Pennsylvanian weather which is good, but Florida weather is just better. Florida is known as “The Sunshine State”, so if you decide to retire in Florida expect sun all year round. Because of its sunny climate, you can forget about snow. No more snow shoveling, which is generally an annoying task, but with age it becomes dangerous. It seems that Florida was made for sunshine because the state has about 1200-miles of coastline. You can always go and visit Florida’s many beaches like Destin, Clear Water, etc.

While there is a lot of sun, the heath is usually tempered by afternoon or late evening rain showers. The rain showers can lower the temperature up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Florida climate is made for growing oranges. You can have orange trees in your backyard and have fresh orange juice for breakfast. Because of Florida’s beautiful weather Pennsylvanians leave Pennsylvania and its beautiful small towns.

Three seniors holding hands
Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida because of the great community

​The third reason why Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida is that there are a lot of seniors there

Leaving a place that you have lived in all your life can be a very difficult experience. You are well-adjusted to that place, it’s your home. You know the buildings, the streets, and have established a lot of good relationships. But you don’t have to fear the unknown if you move to Florida. By move to the right place, you will be surrounded by like-minded people. There are approximately 6 million people over sixty living in Florida. With so many senior citizens in Florida, it won’t be hard to make new friends and enjoy yourself. You will have companions to do outdoorsy activities witch there are a ton in Florida.

If you want to join a community filled with similarly aged individuals we recommend moving into a 55 and over community. You will have neighbors with the same needs and there will be a lot of planned activities. In a 55+ community, you will be getting a sense of community as soon as you move in.

​Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida because it will make them popular with their friends and family

The fourth reason why Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida is that their family will love them even more, especially their grandchildren. As we have said before, Florida is only a 2-hour plane ride from Pennsylvania. This short trip will make your family want to visit you often, and if they decide to visit there will be a lot of activities for them.

The biggest difference between Pennsylvania and Florida is that Florida is on the sea, which means beaches for days that your family can enjoy during their visit. If they ever get tired of the cold Pennsylvanian winter they can always visit. You can take them to restaurants where they can enjoy some great seafood. But the part that will make your grandchildren love you is the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando. With so many activities and 300 sunny days in Florida maybe your family will quickly pack and come move to Florida with you.

​If you retire in Florida you will get great tax benefits

Why Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida is because Florida is tax-friendly for people in retirement. Florida is one of the nine states (in 2021) that don’t pay income tax. If you decide to retire, but are still healthy and want to d extra work this is great for you. Staying in Pennsylvania will be bad for you because Pennsylvania has a flat income tax rate of 3.07.

Because there is no income tax, that means that Florida doesn’t tax your 401(k), individual retirement account (IRA), pension income, or Social Security. Florida doesn’t have an estate tax, which means you won’t be paying the state a percentage of what your estate is worth in a given time. There is no inheritance tax, no part of what you leave someone will be taxed by the state. This is great, especially if your family moves with you there, you can leave everything to your loved ones.

hands with money
Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida because of low taxes


We hope that these 5 reasons why Pennsylvanians decide to retire in Florida will convince you to do so yourself. However, if you are by any chance unconvinced by us here some reasons to retire in Pennsylvania.

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