4 reasons to move your NYC based company to Philadelphia

In the past, most people used to rush to New York City to pursue the American Dream. However, in this day and age, other cities are turning into entrepreneurial hot spots that might even overshadow New York. So, in this article, we will discuss 4 reasons to move your NYC based company to Philadelphia in detail.

Philadelphia is smaller than New York City

Philadelphia’s moniker, the City of Brotherly love is especially true when it comes to doing business. Since it is smaller than NYC, it is easier to market and sell your products and services. So, the fact that there is less of a competitive business climate than in NYC makes it the perfect place to move your NYC based company to Philadelphia. In fact, most businessmen and entrepreneurs in Philadelphia know each other personally.
However, you should not take the information that Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love too literally. Namely, many people who intend to move from New York make the mistake of hiring amateurs to relocate their office supplies, equipment, etc. However, doing a commercial relocation is just like a job Рexperts are the best partners.  Make sure you investigate if the moving company you hire has the appropriate capacities to do an international commercial move from NY to Philadelphia.
a Philadelphia city panorama
Philadelphia has become a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

Philadelphia is more affordable than New York City

Most people who start or move their business find it that Philadelphia is much cheaper than NYC. Being more affordable, plenty of startup companies are being moved and founded here. The main reason for this is because office spaces are not as pricey in comparison to NY. In addition, the professional and cultural climate in Philadelphia is very lively. This makes Philly a city where you are able to meet a sponsor for your business. All in all, even though it is only an hour’s drive away, Philadelphia is starkly different from NYC because it offers entrepreneurs a chance to start a company or save money on expensive NY leases.

When it comes to moving your office supplies to Philly, you need to make sure you are packed appropriately. You want to avoid damages, although a capable moving company should be able to handle the furniture and appliances. Essentially, the right assistance will ease the process, which should make packing, loading the moving truck, driving to Philly, etc. less challenging and stressful.

Comcast is in Philadelphia

Given the fact that Comcast is currently one of the largest broadband portals, it is easier for the local economy to stay afloat. The very fact such a huge player in media and communications is based here in Philly has been attracting other entrepreneurs to move to Philadelphia.

philadelphia street in black and white
Many successful startup companies have been founded in Philly.

Philadelphia is home to many new entrepreneurs

As noted, Philadelphia has become a safe haven for entrepreneurial activity. This is very much pronounced in recent years. Namely, people are rushing to participate in the making of a new economic hot spot. Most companies that move to Philly want to participate in the booming IT, pharma, and social responsibility companies and startups.

Hopefully, you have found these 4 reasons to move your NYC based company to Philadelphia interesting. To find out more on how to move from NYC to Philadephia, this website has all the information you need to know about.

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