4 Questions to ask your long-distance movers

Relocating long distances can be very stressful and overwhelming. Hiring movers is a very important step in this situation. But sometimes people are unsure which movers they should hire and how to find them to begin with. Well, it won’t be that difficult. There are certain questions to ask your long-distance movers and we prepared them for you. Once you go through that, make sure you are prepared for the differences when moving to a new place.

One of the most important questions to ask your long-distance movers concerns their license

Remember that you cannot hesitate when it comes to asking your movers for proof of license. It is normal that you don’t want a company that is unlicensed to be in possession of all your belongings. They could easily scam you that way. It doesn’t matter if they have a variety of helpful options and moving services. If they don’t own a valid license, you cannot hire them.

A moving van and a driver.
Feel free to make a list of questions to ask your long-distance movers.

Another important thing is the insurance

Being insured while moving is the best feature ever. This way if some accident happens and something from your household gets broken or lost – it will be covered by them. If you are making a checklist for moving with questions to ask your movers, make sure you add this one. If you don’t check if a company has insurance, you might regret it. Imagine an incident happening and your favorite fine china getting broken. No one will cover that, and you will have to cover the replacement from your own pocket, even though you were not the one responsible for the damage.

Price-related questions are a must

Many people feel embarrassed asking about the price and how a company calculates it. But it shouldn’t be like that. When you have a meeting with The Gentleman Mover, for instance, ask them directly how they calculate the price and don’t worry about it. This is the step where you notice if something is suspicious or not. Reliable movers calculate the price by the weight of the items you relocate. And they charge only after the move is done. Feel free to ask about the discounts and other options as well.

Feel free to explore more about the movers

Employees of a company play a big role when you are deciding. They are the ones that will have your valuable items, so you need to know their story. Ask to see their reviews from previous relocations. You can also try to speed up the relocation. You will need that because the sooner you are done with obligations, the sooner you can enjoy. And the mover’s background is important for you to decide. To see if someone else had a positive or negative experience, and what was the cause if it was negative.

Among questions to ask your long-distance movers is their previous work experience.
It is important that you know the movers’ history.

Those are your rights, and no one can tell you different

Remember that there is no such thing as forbidden questions. If you have a thousand questions to ask your long-distance movers, just do it. After all, you want to be sure that the people handling your belongings are the right people for the job.

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