3 reasons why seniors from New Jersey love Pennsylvania

Retiring is part of our life. Making a change when it comes to retirement is a good choice. If you lived your entire life in New Jersey, now is the time to change your life, so why not go to the closest best place for that, Pennsylvania. There are many reasons why seniors from New Jersey love Pennsylvania, and you need to check it. Pennsylvania is a beautiful amalgamation of skyscrapers, mountains, and rural territories that balance the city with the quiet of nature.

The right reason

The desire for change is always a good reason to start thinking about moving when retiring. This is a great time in life to start an adventure like that. By now you have probably achieved everything you wanted and now it’s time to enjoy and relax. One of the reasons why seniors from New Jersey love Pennsylvania is the possibility to find the easy transfer to a new home from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. You can be at your new address in no time and without any trouble. Retiring in Pennsylvania among many good things and reasons include:

  • Low cost of living,
  • No taxes on retirement income
  • Great health care.
Seniors walking
Enjoy your retirement

Affordable life

One of the major factors that makes a place great for retirement is how much you need to spend to keep your lifestyle as a retiree. Pennsylvania’s cost of living is among the lowest in the United States, and this is a nice place to retire. A lower cost of living means you can retire earlier and enjoy the rest of your life and that you can maintain your household without worries. This is a valid reason why seniors from New Jersey love Pennsylvania and if you are near retirement it is time to think of getting a home there.

Meet your ends without trouble

Combinations of words ‘no’ and ‘taxes’ make the most incredible pair in the entire language. Pennsylvania offers you the chance to enjoy 0% (zero) taxes on your pension income and this is why seniors from New Jersey love Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania exempts from taxation four main categories:

  •       Pension: The amount that you receive as a pensioner will not be taxed by the state.
  •       Individual Retirement Account (IRA): IRAs are the most popular method of ensuring retirement income because they offer many tax advantages. When planning your retirement and having an active IRA, a great thing to know is that Pennsylvania tops the IRA advantages by not taxing income from the account.
  •       401k:401Ks are matched by employers. In Pennsylvania, you are not going to be taxed for the income generated from your contribution to the 401k, and income generated by the employer’s portion will not be taxed.
  •       Social Security: Social security benefits based on your contribution to the system as a working citizen, will not be taxed.

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Healthy life, happy life

Most people retire as senior citizens, that is why healthcare plays a crucial role in their decision when deciding to move. One of the reasons why seniors from New Jersey love Pennsylvania is great healthcare. Seniors need more attention and care, so they do not want to risk retiring in a state where the healthcare does not meet their requirements.

Seniors holding hands
Live a healthy life

Besides those main ones, there are many more reasons why seniors from New Jersey love Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania offers great outdoors and lots to do. You can have a magnificent life there, filled with new experiences and opportunities for fun.

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